MFRC has a fully outfitted Sensory Room facility.

Our intention, is to begin operating in a few ways, namely:

  • To inform our service users that we have this facility, and offer it for use under professional guidance for children who are already receiving sensory support.
  • We will also be happy to discuss with parents “undiagnosed behaviour” with the aim of providing an early intervention through use of the Sensory Facility, where this is agreed by all concerned.
  • We have sourced some foundation training from a Paediatric Occupational Therapist for our own staff to assist them in supporting agreed activities in the Sensory Facility for use with children attending the Childcare Services.
  • We are happy to hear from other private professionals working with local children to discuss how we might support them.


Considerations for use of the Sensory Facility in Macroom Family Resource Centre:

Typically Developing Children attending Childcare Services may access the Sensory Facility as part of their childcare programme routine or structure. By accessing the Sensory Facility, the child’s sensory development is supported through a variety of sensory experiences, i.e.

  •  Visual Development
  • Auditory Development
  • Tactile Development
  •  Movement Development & Body Awareness/Coordination