During 2018 Macroom FRC successfully applied for funding under the “Community Enhancement Programme” operated under the auspices of Cork County Councils’ Local Community Development Committee.

The application was towards the equipping of the Centre with Sensory Facilities for use with local children.

The outfitting took place in December of 2018.

Our intention at the moment is to begin operating in a few ways, namely:

  • We will be letting our service users know that we have this facility and offering it for use under professional guidance for children who are already receiving sensory support privately or through HSE.
  • We will also be happy to discuss with parents “undiagnosed behaviour” and see if we can find a way of providing an early intervention where this is agreed by all concerned.
  • We intend to source some training for our own staff to assist them in supporting agreed activities with parents and other professionals.
  • We are delighted to make the public aware of the existence of this facility and its availability to them.
  • Finally we would be happy to hear from other private professionals working with children from this area to discuss how we might support them in their work with local children and possibly avoid them having to travel too far for supports.