About Us

Macroom Family Resource Centre is a Community owned and managed facility based in Macroom.

Our Centre is a purpose built facility which opened in 2005.

We provide local supports and services in childcare, counselling, community development initiatives, community information, local research and local awareness.

Our approach is “all-inclusive” “non-discriminatory” “locally lead” and professional.

Our Values

  • User friendly and approachable with an emphasis on mutual respect.
  • Committed to ensuring a social balance at all levels of our operation.

Our Approach

  • Working in participation with other agencies while maintaining the right to an independent view.
  • Achieving success by offering realistic, well planned and adequately resourced programmes and activities.
  • Integrating equal opportunity policies in all aspects of our work.

Mission Statement

Macroom Family Resource Centre is a Community based voluntary organisation which aspires to promoting and developing family support services in the Macroom Area and its hinterland.

We are committed to working with the full participation of individuals and groups towards improving our Community socially, economically and educationally and with our priority on the most disadvantaged.

Our Aim is to:

  • To provide, promote and develop a wide range of community-based family support service.
  • To create opportunities for individuals and families to become actively involved in their own learning and development.
  • To encourage and provide opportunities for people to become involved in educational and developmental programmes to help them realise their full potential.
  • To promote and develop a community awareness in health care, education, community development, social justice and empowerment.


Macroom Family Resource Centre is structured as a “Company Limited by Guarantee & with charitable status”

Our Board is comprised of local volunteers who are responsible for the overall governance of our work.

We operate our services through a workforce team of skilled and trained personnel, both paid and voluntary.