Inclusion Policy:

Macroom FRC recognises and respects the rights of all adults and children in our service. We provide each child with the opportunities they need to reach their full potential as active learners within an inclusive culture. We aim to actively promote equality of access and participation and eliminate discrimination on grounds of gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race and membership of the travelling community. This policy represents the agreed principle and commitment for inclusion, in line with the Early Childhood Care and Education National Inclusion Charter.

Macroom FRC is committed to working in partnership with parents/guardians to support children’s ability, identity, cultural backgrounds and sense of belonging. We support families in their parenting role and respect their values and beliefs about childrearing. We work to enable children to become respectful of difference and foster each child’s critical thinking in order to confront bias and discrimination. We implement a curriculum that meets the individual needs and emerging interests of the child under Siolta, The National Quality Framework (2006) and Aistear, The National Curriculum Framework (2009) and respond to children’s diverse and individual learning needs and styles through an emerging curriculum.

All children attending Macroom FRC are supported to:
  • Feel secure and know their contributions are valued
  • Know they belong and are valued as unique individuals
  • Feel strong and confident about their identity
  • Learn in groups that allow them to experience success
  • Engage with material and experiences that reflect a range of social and cultural backgrounds, gender and ability
  • Have a common curriculum that allows for a range of different learning styles
  • Participate fully, having a particular regard for and being cognisant of children with a variety of disabilities
  • Respect the purpose for which other children’s aids or assistive technology are intended
Additional Needs:

Macroom FRC will respond appropriately and sensitively to any additional needs a child may experience. Additional needs may include any change introduced into the child’s life.

e.g. new sibling, moving house, absent parent/s, asthma, allergies, disability, development delay, medical conditions etc.

We will support continued training and for all our childcare team in an equality and diversity approach to providing care and education to all. We will ensure fair and equally opportunity for all potential and existing employees in line with our Recruitment Policy.

Families attending the Centre are encouraged to:

  • Consult with the service about the care of each child to minimise conflict between the service’s philosophy and the family values
  • Access information about the service and the policies and procedures by translating information into their home language if necessary
  • Get involved with the childcare programme and to introduce their culture’s food, art, music, language, celebrations and dress to the other children in the service

Early years educators will promote equality, diversity and inclusion by:

  • Removing assumptions, judgements and expectations about the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of all individuals
  • Demonstrating positive attitudes when making changes to accommodate all children.
  • Regarding all people equally, showing sensitivity and providing equal opportunities for all children
  • Actively intervening in situations when bias is shown and encouraging children to challenge bias
  • Working as a team with parents and other professionals to develop, carry out and review plans for children with additional needs
  • Adhering to the National Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Charter